[WebARENA Indigo] Simple, reasonable, quick to start! We offer our services to developers who can build and manage their own servers with no starting fees, no minimum usage period, and pay as you go charge system, and a VPS from the low monthly price of ¥349!! (including tax)

[WebARENA Indigo] Simple, reasonable, quick to start! We offer our services to developers who can build and manage their own servers with no starting fees, no minimum usage period, and pay as you go charge system, and a VPS from the low monthly price of ¥349!! (including tax)


Instances are VPS's (virtual private servers) made up of memory, a virtual CPU, and SSD discs. You can create up to 10 when you begin our service. After 45 days from the day you begin our service (not from the day you created your account), you can change your upper limit of instances to 25. The networks values are not totals, but the upload and download speed limits for data. There is no limit to the software you can use on the OS, so you can use it at your leisure. Please check the settings and functions of the software you are using yourself.

Instance Prices

Fees for instances occur from the time you create them to the time you destroy them. Fees will be incurred for instances that are currently stopped as well.
Yen amounts of under ¥1 in the calculation of prices, etc., will be rounded off. Our prices are shown with consumption tax included in the price of each product, but prices you calculate yourself may vary from the amount we request due to the above changes in calculations.
The minimum charge during the period calculated (from the first until the last day of the month) is ¥50 (¥55 with tax). However, if no charges are incurred within that period, this minimum charge will not apply.


(tax included)
1GB 1vCPU 20GB 100MbpsMax. ¥349/mo
¥0.55per hour
2GB 2vCPU 40GB 100MbpsMax. ¥699/mo
¥1.1per hour
4GB 4vCPU 80GB 500MbpsMax. ¥1,399/mo
¥2.2per hour
8GB 6vCPU 160GB 1GbpsMax. ¥2,798/mo
¥4.4per hour
16G 6vCPU 320GB 1GbpsMax. ¥5,596/mo
¥8.8per hour
32G 8vCPU 640GB 1GbpsMax. ¥11,193/mo
¥17.6per hour
OS CentOS 7.5/8.1/Stream 8, Ubuntu 18.04LTS/20.04LTS
Virtualization KVM


1GB 2vCPU 50GB 100MbpsMax. ¥825/mo
¥1.375per hour
2GB 3vCPU 100GB 100MbpsMax. ¥1,650/mo
¥2.75per hour
4GB 4vCPU 200GB 500MbpsMax. ¥3,190/mo
¥5.5per hour
8GB 6vCPU 400GB 1GbpsMax. ¥6,490/mo
¥11per hour
16GB 8vCPU 800GB 1GbpsMax. ¥13,200/mo
¥22per hour
32GB 10vCPU 1600GB 1GbpsMax. ¥26,400/mo
¥44per hour
OS Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition
Virtualization KVM

Standard Features

These are the features included in this service.

Control Panel A web interface that allows you to manage your account and instances.
Data transfer limit Unlimited.
Global IP Address We will provide each instance with one IPv4. We do not offer IPv6.
Security Group
(Virtual Firewall)
Security Group is a feature that gives a template to manage access to instances.
(Public Key Authentication)
You can do SSH connections using public key encryption.
Rest-API You can use Rest-API. See here for the API documentation (English)

Optional Service Charges

In addition to the standard features, you can add optional services as necessary.

Menu Summary Price
Snapshot This will save the status of the entire instance. You can make up to five per instance. You can take snapshots as backups and apply it to the original instance when you want to return it to its previous state. Pay as you go: ¥0.008 per hour (¥0.0088 with tax)/GB
Monthly maximum charge
¥5 (¥5.5 with tax)/GB
DNS This allows you to set a zone and edit records in NTTPC managed primary and secondary DNS's.
Details regarding DNS (in Japanese only)
Monthly charge ¥500 (¥550 with tax)/Zone
Microsoft Remote Desktop(RDS)SAL Users who connect to Remote Desktop for purposes other than server management need the same number of "Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) SAL". It is not the number of simultaneous users. Monthly charge ¥550
(¥605 with tax)/User

Making Changes

When you forget your password
Click "Forgot password?" on the sign in screen in the control panel.
When you forget your ID
Your ID is the email address registered in your account information. If you forget your ID, please provide us with the following information from the time of your registration and tell us you have forgotten your ID. We will inform you of your registered ID only in the case that we are able to confirm your identity.
Phone Number
A PDF of your identification document (insurance card, license, or passport)
Altering Account Information
You can change your email address, phone number, address, password, etc., from the control panel.
Altering Payment Method
You can change your credit card information from the control panel.
Confirm Pricing
You can confirm the price of the services you have used from the control panel.
Creating/Starting/Stopping/Destroying Instances
Creating/starting/stopping/destroying instances can be done from the control panel.
Using Optional Services
You can use optional services by selected the one you need from the control panel.
Change the Maximum Number of Instances
You can create a maximum of 10 instances when you begin the service. By pressing the "Increase Instance Limit" button on the upper right of the dashboard on the control panel, you can increase this to 25. You can change the limit 45 days after you have begun using instances (not from the time you created your account).
You can change the limit 45 after you began using instances regardless how whether or not you have any instances as of that point in time. For example, if you enter into our agreement and create an instance on November 1st, you will see the "Increase Instance Limit" button appear on December 15th, even if you destroyed that instance on November 17th.
You can cancel WebARENA Indigo™ from Action in Service Management > Services from WebARENA control panel. Once a cancellation has been made, all instances and optional services will be deleted.
Account Close
You can close your WebARENA account by executing Account Cancellation in Account > Manage Contract Information on WebARENA control panel. The account will be closed after 90 days.
You cannot execute Account Cancellation if there is a service under contract in your account. You need to cancel the service associated with the account in advance.
Within 90 days from the date of executing Account Cancellation, you can log in to WebARENA control panel, view the billing history, and cancel Account Cancellation.
After 90 days you will not be able to log in and your account will be closed and cannot be returned.

Some contents are only in Japanese.
In the event of discrepancy between the English version and the Japanese version of this service web site, the Japanese-language version shall prevail.